Custom Unicycles


I began building unicycles after I was approached by Dustin Kelm in 1995 to see if I could replace his old standard Miyata. I worked with Dustin in the development of my Giraffe unicycles. He has tested and exclusively rides my Giraffe unicycles. I developed my unique split able giraffes based on his requirements for overseas travel. Dustin travels the world preforming, his information can be found Since then I was involved developing and helping Andy Cotter with building touring unicycles. Which were first 700c for the first unicycle tour across Minnesota. After the first tour we switched over to the Coker 36″ tire and I developed the original Touring extension for unicycles before the second unicycle tour occurred. Since those early days I decided to expand and build other uni frames from racing, trials to Giraffes.

Single split 5.5 footer or what most call a 6 footer. Built with quick set bb system.

Single split 5.5 footer or what most call a 6 footer. Built with quick set bb system.

I offer professional grade unicycles. They are built from high-quality U.S. or European cro-moly alloys. These cro-moly tubes are not raw, untreated soft alloys like the imported frames and unicycles from Taiwan and China. My frames are handcrafted, either TIG-welded, bronze-fillet, or silver-brazed and precisely aligned, sized and built to order for the rider. My goal is to provide an alternative to the low-quality unicycles that the unicycling community has come to accept as the standard. However, my goal is not to provide a cheap unicycle and pretend it is a high-quality unit. My goal is to provide a source of unicycles and unicycle parts that are on par with the quality of Campagnolo and top-end Shimano. I have no interest in the products coming from Taiwan and China. But, I will use the best of those until I can produce a better product myself, made in the U.S. I have already committed  to an investment cast bearing holder of superior design and function compared to the ones on current import unis. I am able to build a far superior unicycle due to certain unique parts I had available to me my construction methods and not relying on mass production.

I build all my current uni frames from high quality steel tubing from Columbus, Reynolds, Dedacciai, True Temper and U.S. made aircraft cro-moly. I have built a prototype frame from KVA and Reynolds 953 martensitic stainless steel tubing, and will be offering full stainless versions as a wider tubing selection becomes available or I spec and order custom tube draws needed. The characteristics and strengths of these stainless alloys greatly exceed those of titanium, the alloy they were designed to replace, due to the failings of titanium in high-stress applications.

Frames are built to use 1″ 25.4 seat posts for 27.2 I use a special butted seat tube to fit 27.2 seat posts. Optionally, I can build them for the older 7/8 seat or provide a shim sleeve to reduce 1″ to 7/8″ or build to fit any other size if requested. Each frame is built with a long seat tube sized for the specific rider. This protects the weaker aluminum alloy seat post from bending and breaking from the seat hitting the ground during workouts and practices. The seat tubes are sized for the individual rider. When ordering I need one specific measurement top of seat to center of crank (hub axle). For giraffes I need axle to center crank and center crank to top of saddle.

All of my non giraffe frames are built to accommodate my new cast bearing holder. They are cast from 17-4 stainless steel made in 100% Minnesota. These utilize a precision press-fit bearing, not the inferior two-piece clamping type that crush and distort bearings. These are designed for efficiency and preformance, not the convience of being easy or cheaper. These can be retro-fitted onto my older frames and Miyata frames. These holders are sold to fit either 40mm or 42mm bearings. They can be bored to a larger fit if needed.  A second version of the bearing mount allows for the mounting of extra legs to mount a second or multiple wheel package. The robustness of the holder can support the weight of a few adults without failing. I do not build unicycles that utilize the two bolt pinch type bearing holder. That is a inferior cheaper method of mounting a wheel to a unicycle. They also effect bearing performance and bearing life as they distort the bearing when secured.

I build the following models of unicycles (prices are for frame only and are subject to change): I can also build variants mixing wheel size to different models. Call for customized pricing. I am also the only builder of unicycles that I know of that offers travel friendly breakdown split-able frames. The price of the frame does not include bearing holders, they are extra.

Freestyle 20” – I have the original built with a two-plate crown and over-sized tandem blades. My second generation is a wider two-plate design built with special custom blades. The second generation easily accommodates the wider 20” x 1.85 to 2.1 freestyle tires. First generation – 275.00 and up. Call for second generation pricing.

24”Racing – Mine are the fastest! Built with the 650 racing rim and tire that is exactly 24” in diameter. This is the perfect application for this wheel and it is FAST!!, in fact these are the fasted legal 24″ unicycle you can get. I can even use an Aero road crown and Aero fork blades – 275.00 for base unicrown style frame. These are normally built to take a 22.2mm seat post but other sizes are available.

700c – I can build these with a variety of fork crowns or unicrown style – 275.00 for unicrown frame.

36” Touring – A unicrown  fork crown which lowers the cost for a basic fork. Prices start at 275.00 for a unicrown frameset.

Multi-wheel – Stacked two or more wheels. My cast bearing holder makes this the smoothest running and hands down the strongest stiffest two wheeler ever made. This is also available as a kit that can be added to any of my Freestyle uni frames or even a Miyata. The reduced kit consists of two double-bearing units, wheels (one or more) and two lower blades. The lower legs are tire size-specific units, not universal so 20″ will only fit 20″. Call or email for prices.

Mountain Unicycle – Basic versions are unicrown, but crowned versions can be made. Prices start at 275.00 for unicrown frame crowned versions and brake mounts extra.

Trials – Custom type fork contact me for pricing

29’er – A basic frame is unicrown, other custom can be done. Prices start at 275.00 for unicrown frame.


Giraffe 4’ to 10’ – These can be equipped with splitters for packing into a suitcase. The approximate weight for a complete 10’ is 26.5 pounds. There is a variety of custom options available for my giraffes besides the base model. All my giraffes come with a stock removable seat tube. This allows for them to be shipped via UPS. Giraffes are priced and sold with drive train and wheel only. Seat, seat clamp, pedals, tire, and tube are not included. Seat clamp to fit a 1 1/4 tube is needed. My complete giraffes are equipped with a sealed-cartridge bottom bracket, aluminum alloy crank set with a replaceable aluminum alloy chain ring, my custom alloy drive cog made in house of 6000 series aluminum, alloy sealed-bearing track hub hand built into an alloy rim with DT/Wheel smith spokes, and a SRAM PS1 nickel-plated 1/8” top-quality nickel chain. Contact for current drive system pricing for a complete Giraffe. Frame only price for seat pillar split only is 1450.00

Eccentric for quick set up – 100.00.

Pull apart frame – 150.00 per split. The one shown below is a quick setup with three splits

The touring extension is still available. Pictured below is the original one I designed for Andy Cotter and T.C.U.C after the first Unitour done across Minnesota. My extension mounts to the seat post or frame. However some unicycles may require custom mounting to the frame or for very tight set ups. (The switch to the Coker 36″ tire created issues for fit for shorter riders) Mounting it to the seat post or frame. gives it superior adjustability up or down for optimum position. It also ensures a strong and rigid mounting point making it rock-solid for pulling and pushing. You can optionally mount any variety of mountain bar ends to the crosspiece for a two-handed hold, although this voids the protective ability of the bumper. A heavy aircraft cro-moly crosspiece acts as a bumper to prevent damage to the T-handle and seat, ensuring longevity. A computer mount is also standard. The extension is made from U.S. made aircraft cro-moly which is different as night from day to the garden variety import Chinese/Taiwnese cro-moly due to its heat treatment and quality U.S. steel alloy. Other options include a rear “T” handle bumper or an incorporated rack. These sell for 120.00 for the basic handle.


The Original extension developed shortly after the first Unicycle Tour across Minnesota. It features a front bumper, computer mount, and “T” handle for lifting body weight off saddle on long distance rides.

I will be adding a 100% stainless steel version of the rack and touring handle.

Bearing Holder



 My cast bearing holder is available for sale. It is cast 17-4 stainless steel and is loosely based on the Miyata bearing holder in design. I went this route due to the inferiority of clamping type bearing holders. Clamping type mounts although easier to use from a manufacturers point, is not from a performance or longevity of the bearing.    I sell it in three different forms raw unfinished, finished and bored to fit 40mm or 42mm bearing, and finished with bearing.  For builders and mounting needs the holder is channeled for a 1″/25.4mm plate drop out tab.  I produce two versions of this holder a single tab and a double, the latter for multi wheel unicycles. The double tab is based on my original hand fabricated holder I made for a two wheeler over  18 years ago. My double tab produces the smoothest pedaling, strongest, most rigid two wheeler ever made.